Bella (PC & Quest)

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Bella (PC & Quest)

sam .
91 ratings

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There is two versions in this package (original package with dynamic bones and an updated package with Physbones!)
♡ TOS:
- Do not share with anyone or make public uploads (not even to let a friend "test" it, direct them to me only at sam.#0017 on discord if they need to see it in game before purhcasing for any reason.
- Do not upload to anyone's account but your own.
- Do not give this package out for any reason, that includes giving to someone else for doing edits for you, uploading, ect.
- Do not do any EXTREME editing meaning reusing my base and head edit only basically.
- No price splitting.
- No Refunds
- Do not reuse any of these assets without purchasing from the original creator.
- Do not reuse any edits/textures I make on assets not even for personal use.
- Must be 18+ to purchase.
- Must Credit me on social media posts if you are profiting off it, credit my gumroad page clearly on the posting (https://samvr.gumroad.com/)
- Only way you can legally own my models is by purchasing directly from me on my Gumroad https://samvr.gumroad.com/
Import for PC: Poiyomi Toon Shaders 7.2.41, Arktoon Shaders, newest SDK3, Bella unity package; Then click on Bella scene and upload through SDK. (If you are you using the original package import Dynamic Bones 1.2.2 as well)
For Quest: Create a separate project, import VRCSDK, then Bella Quest unity package, switch build to android, then open Bella scene, then copy and paste your blueprint ID from PC version to make it cross platform, and upload.
♡ Toggles:
Backpack, All accessories, Bone Gag, Fishnets, Garter, Glasses, Glove, Lace Bra, Socks, Shoes, Panties, Puppy Ears, Puppy tail, Sweater, Turtleneck, Tank Top, Skirt, Visor, 2 hair Styles, 11 hair colors , 3 skin textures, 10 material swaps for AF1's, 3 sock colors for thigh highs, long, and low socks.
NOTICE: Due to the detail and care that was put into Bella, in order to make it quest compatible, I had to remove some things. These things include: Hair Swap (she has the low pony for quest so Physbones could be used!), Color Swaps (all colors included in package so you can just drag whatever one you want on her!), Fishnets, Gloves, Bra, Long socks, Slides, Leg Chains, and Rings. She still looks great even without those missing toggles~ PHYSBONES INCULDED! for quest her Phsybones are on her ears, hair, boobas, butt, and chain. Unfortunately that was max size for bones I could put on this version! BUT its something and it looks really good :D
Showcase, Remade toggle menus, Helped with quest version, and alot of support thanks to: Meowuw#0001
Made Final Quest version for me (huge thanks to them): Lordie#5748 https://lordie.gumroad.com/
Head (edit by me; do not reuse): https://nikkiepng.gumroad.com/l/ChiyoHead

Base (small edit by me): https://pandaabear.gumroad.com/l/pAxQR?recommended_by=library

Body Textures: https://yingyangvr.gumroad.com/l/TexturePandaa?recommended_by=library
Tongue: https://vastayaassets.gumroad.com/l/babytongue?recommended_by=library

Hair: (partly re UV edited front strands but it's not shown in showcase, i fixed it after cuz meowuw saw it and made me xD haha) https://www.gelw0.com/product/long-ponytail-hair/45?cs=true&cst=custom, https://cupkake.store/products/low-messy-ponytail-hair-3d-model-assetcommercial-license

Backpack: https://glitchvr.gumroad.com/l/trashstarbackpackbyglitch?recommended_by=library

Socks : https://plaz.gumroad.com/l/sockbundle?recommended_by=library, https://aantara.gumroad.com/l/qlajq

Glasses: https://krivr.gumroad.com/l/fkgcd
Arm Belt: Nave#1810

Garter: https://meowuw.gumroad.com/l/StarGarter

Necklaces: https://parsley77.gumroad.com/l/gggmj, https://alces.gumroad.com/l/UGWinc

Bone Bracelet: https://dzy.gumroad.com/l/wYDpE?recommended_by=library

Tank Top: https://sleepysdiary.gumroad.com/?recommended_by=library

Airpod: https://kc3d.gumroad.com/l/AirpodbyKC

Jewelry: (nitro) Nave#1810, https://hunchopv.gumroad.com/l/nwsmvv, https://velvie.gumroad.com/l/cAcWC?recommended_by=library, https://miruu.gumroad.com/l/spikedhair, https://lunaraii.gumroad.com/l/BarbedWireAccessories?recommended_by=library

Hair Textures: https://wetcat.gumroad.com/l/75hairtex

Collar (edit): https://ghoulvr.gumroad.com/l/PPISGAY?recommended_by=library, https://r3v0.gumroad.com/l/BellCollar?recommended_by=library

Ears & Tail: https://cupkake.store/products/puppy-set-free-personal-and-commercial-use

Bone Gag: https://chantelsassets.gumroad.com/l/bonegag?recommended_by=library

Glove: https://ninikim.gumroad.com/l/spikeglv

Fishnets (nitro boost): https://discord.gg/theglade

Nails: (free in server) Cicieaaa#7777

Bra: https://gashina.gumroad.com/l/dZQsl

Paw Pasties (not for sale): Meowuw#0001

Panties: https://milkymommy.gumroad.com/l/siaej?recommended_by=library

Sweater: https://hoeyume.gumroad.com/l/kgydr

Skirt: https://miruu.gumroad.com/l/pleatedskirt

Shoes: https://plaz.gumroad.com/l/airforces?recommended_by=library, https://hayweee.gumroad.com/l/HayweeeSocksNSlides

Locomotion: https://wetcat.gumroad.com/l/locomotionVRC

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