Teddy (PC & Quest) w/ DPS

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Teddy (PC & Quest) w/ DPS

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179 ratings

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~w/ DPS~
- Do not share with anyone or make public uploads (not even to let a friend "test" it, direct them to me only at sam.#0017 on discord if they need to see it in game before purhcasing for any reason.
- Do not upload to anyone's account but your own.
- Do not give this package out for any reason, that includes giving to someone else for doing edits for you, uploading, ect.
- Do not do any EXTREME editing meaning reusing my base and head edit only basically.
- No price splitting.
- No Refunds
- Do not reuse any of these assets without purchasing from the original creator.
- Do not reuse any edits/textures I make on assets not even for personal use.
- Must be 18+ to purchase.
- Must Credit me on social media posts if you are profiting off it, credit my gumroad page clearly on the posting (https://samvr.gumroad.com/)
- Only way you can legally own my models is by purchasing directly from me on my Gumroad https://samvr.gumroad.com/
Import: Poiyomi Toon Shaders 7.2.41, newest SDK3, Teddy unity package; Then click on Teddy scene and upload through SDK. If you want to use the DPS version you need to purchase the dps system here and import it into the project.
For Quest: Create a separate project, import VRCSDK, then Teddy Quest unity package, switch build to android, then open Teddy scene, then copy and paste your blueprint ID from PC version to make it cross platform, and upload.

Toggles for pc version:
♡ 3 Hair Styles
♡ 12 Hair Colors
♡ 3 Skin Tones with Tattoo Toggle
♡ 7 Face Gestures w/ cute ear movements :3
♡ Hue Shift can be toggled on when White Outfit is toggled (Slippers, Bows on top, Blindfold, Beanbag Chair, and when light pink hair is on it can all hueshift)
♡ Black and White outfit toggle
♡ Bra, Panties, Rope (rope has a blendshape toggle to slide open)
♡ Fishnets and Socks
♡ 2 Bottoms (Leggings and Sleep Shorts)
♡ 6 Tops (Oversized hoodie, Sweetheart top, Bralette, Tank Top, Pj Top, Nightgown)
♡ 2 Shoes (Slippers and Adidas)
♡ 2 necklace options, one of them is a heart locket and you can put any photo you want and it toggles open its really cute)
♡ Ears and Tail
♡ Glasses, Glasses with string, or Blindfold
♡ Backpack
♡ Bean Bag Chair you can drop and place anywhere in a world and you can resize super tiny or big c:
♡ Toy
Toggles for Quest version include all except for transparent arms when oversized sweater is toggled (sadly but there is all the other tops to wear still), no glasses string, no tattoos, no backpack, no necklace, no hueshift on clothes, no beanbag chair, some jewelry removed, no rope blendshape, and no dps.
Tons of credit to Meowuw#0001 for helping with so much as always she did the DPS system, added the toy, bean bag chair, and made edits to the darker skin tones, and made the tattoos<3
Base: (MY EDIT DO NOT REUSE) ImLexz#1234
Head: (MY EDIT DO NOT REUSE) Cicieaaa#7777
Tattoo Texture: (MADE FOR ME DO NOT REUSE) Meowuw#0001
Face Texture: (EDIT MADE FOR ME DO NOT REUSE) Meowuw#0001
Eye Texture: Cicieaaa#7777
Hair: Sugs#9795 Bunisu#4924 Lolo#5454 Tilly#5746
Hair Textures: WetCat#6969 Cicieaaa#7777
Tongue: 𝕯𝖆𝖉𝖉𝖞 𝕬𝖍𝖗𝖎♡#6969
Face & Body Texture Edit: (NO REUSE) Meowuw#0001
Ears & Tail: Cupkake#6666
Glasses & Blindfold: berryvee#0697 nini#0517
Jewelry: G3NA 5KY#0113 Chineko#0001 jellybean HollowHarts#6448 velvet#0888 Renipuff#3700
Tops: Lolo#5454 Eggly69#6969 друг hoeyume#5516 berryvee#0697
Nighty: Naukki#5353
Ropes: Renipuff#3700
Bottoms: Aantara#1337 berryvee#0697
Fishnets: Milky Mommy#6969
Socks: Minichibi
Shoes: Cali 3D HoloExe
Bra & Panties: Monkee#2000
Backpack: (edit by me) Fooly#2329
Plushies: juuul#3822 (Private not for sale), High Ragga#3124
Vape: not Sache#1911
Dab Pen: Aidsboat#0666
Toy: teacake#0804
Bean Bag: Kisu
Quest Version: Noelia#5530

I want this!


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